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The Dog Commandments

I. Thou Shall Remember Your Dog can only: be a Dog.

II. Thou Shall Remember Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

III. Thou Shall Become Fluent In: Canine, For Your Dog to Understand you.

IV. Thou Shall NOT Treat Your Dog as a Human.

V. Thou Shall Reward Good Behavior.

VI. Thou Shall Ignore / Be Proactive With Bad Behavior.

VII. Thou Shall Understand Your Dog Learns Best when ALL is Calm.

VIII. Thou Shall NOT Use a Command to Correct a Problem.

IX. Thou Shall Walk with a Loose Leash.

X. Thou Shall NOT Panic.

XI. Thou Shall Remain Calm and Consistent at All Times.

XII. Thou Shall NOT Force nor use Force on Your Dog.

XIII. Thou Shall Walk Away when Frustrated with Your Dog.

XIV. Thou Shall NOT Use Aversive Therapy or Gadgets.

XV. Thou Shall Enjoy Your Dog and Have Fun!

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